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Iron Dome Fake - A Massive Hoax - Missiles Blowing Up in the Air

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Published on Jul 31, 2014

The Iron Dome Hoax is a rather hard one to understand the reasoning behind and comes to terms with, after all we are told on the nightly news night after night that Hamas missiles are being intercepted by the almost god-like Iron dome system, which intercepts allegedly 90% of the missiles launched toward Israel... Why lie about that?

What proof is there that Iron Dome actually is hitting missiles in the first place? Well, there actually isn't any, the few Hamas missiles actually ever launched (Hamas is a group created by and controlled by the state of Israel) do not in fact even have warheads, and are basically hollow pipes and fireworks as has been proven time and time again.

Well, it turns out the "Iron Dome" interceptor missiles are a similar scam- They are in fact not intercepting anything, but instead are exploding in thin air, making people feel they are intercepting alleged Hamas rockets, when in reality they're essentially billions of dollars worth of American taxpayer money fireworks self-detonating in the air - glorified fireworks as well.

Speculation this was the case has been growing, with a more recent assertion by Israeli Dr. Motti Sheffer saying exactly that- The Iron Dome is a massive lie, which is "intercepting" "simulated rockets" which in reality do not exist.. The Iron Dome rockets are just self-detonating in the air, causing a loud sound, but not intercepting anything.

A group of Israeli skeptics asked the Israeli government to see the thermal imaging proof that the rockets were in fact intercepting other rockets, and they were denied- But why deny them some thermal imaging of the "proof" of Iron dome? There is no reason to withhold said proof, which is further evidence that there are no "Hamas rockets" being intercepted by Iron Dome, and Iron Dome is just a fireworks system.

The only "Hamas Rockets" that ever make it into Israel which we are shown are essentially smoke bombs, and the rest are hollow metal tubes, that's hardly anything to get worried about. There don't appear to be any warheads, and there is no visible damage in Israel at all from these supposed "Hamas Rocket attacks" which in reality don't contain warheads.

But why? Why would Israel do this? Well, the answer is obvious:

The reason for the fake Hamas "missile attacks" and the phony Iron dome system is to keep the Israeli population in fear and thinking their is a legitimate attack on their lives (when no such threat actually exists) it is to make them hate the Palestinians, and allow the actual ground invasion to take place, which will kill hundreds of thousands eventually- as well as to put in place the "no go zone" which essentially eliminates half of Gaza to residential habitation.

It is also to guarantee billions of dollars of US funding "protecting Israel", and to make the American people feel Israel is in fact under attack, and to make the American people the money we are sending them (the Israelis) to protect themselves from the non-existent Hamas rocket threat is being well spent.

Who needs billions of dollars for road repairs, health care, or just tax rebates in the US.. when we can send that money to Israel?

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Iron Dome is not fake and has been rated as 80 to 90% effective. CNN has an article that explains it in greater detail. There is also plenty of evidence proving buildings were hit by Hamas rockets as well as civilian casualties resulting from attacks. Yet another irresponsible claim by Freedoms Phoenix owner who also said the Iranian attempt at assassinating a Saudi diplomat on US soil was fake too despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.