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The Military Is Closing In On Powerful Exoskeleton Technology

• Business Insider

And it's no surprise. Exoskeletons could add to soldiers' natural strength, letting troops lift seemingly impossible loads and dart across the battlefield at incredible speed. 

Currently, the military is exploring creating an Iron Man-like specialized suit through the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) program. The suit would provide soldiers with enhanced mobility and protection, and it would most likely run on top of an exoskeleton base.   

Today's exoskeletons vary in utility, but they can allow soldiers to carry 17 times more weight than normal and march with significantly less strain on the body. With an XOS 2 suit, for example, a solider can carry 400 pounds but feel the weight of only 23.5.

Although robotic exoskeleton suits have been in development for over 50 years, things really started picking up speed in the 1990s, leading to more and more interest from the U.S military. Now, it's a clear priority.

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If you work for any kind of manufacturing company, that manufactures ANY kind of equipment for the police and military, from fuel to food, BE AFRAID. When the big crash comes, you are the ones that the military will take over first. Why? If you don't keep on manufacturing for them, they won't get the supplies and equipment that they need. You will be FORCED AT GUNPOINT. Only after they execute those who are already in manufacturing who won't work for them, only then will they start rounding up others to take their places. Kinda like the Nazi's work camps in WWII.