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Penance. The Weekend Vigilante August 30, 2014 - by Jeff Berwick

Having graduated with a Masters degree from the school of hard knocks in Austrian Economics and political "science" over the last decade I've begun to dig even deeper into an understanding of the very question of life.  Heck, we'll see if I am still alive by the end of this blog entry.  Yes, I am serious about that (I think I will be... but I'll explain below why I haven't killed myself yet).

I also want to state that I am not drunk and am just a few sips in to a glass of red wine right now and won't be drunk by the end of this article.  This is all coming straight from my heart after a year of looking in the mirror daily and asking myself who is this person and does he deserve to be here and after spending most of the day today meditating in my underwear and a lot of eye water .

This may get wacky or weird by the time I'm done writing.  But before I drizzle digital ink upon you I do want to clarify a few things about the Galt's Gulch Chile (GGC) clusterfuck.

It appears that many people have taken Wendy McElroy's and my writings as being that GGC was and is an outright scam, all the money has been stolen and fuck you very much.  That is not the case at all if everything I currently know about it is true.  I have a fairly high degree of certainty that GGC owns the property where it has been selling lots and that that property has water rights.  This is information I have been told by GGC's past lawyer about a year ago... which was also the last time I had any access to information to anything related to GGC.  It has more or less been verified by others investors over the course of the last year as well.

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