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Hollywood Has Created An Even More Incredible Theater Experience Than IMAX

And while we've seen some marvelous titles take advantage of both formats in the time since, the reality is that the industry is now regularly looking for a way to stay fresh and innovative. We recently saw the format known as 4DX ? which turns the theater into a roller coaster ride of sorts ? arrive in the United States, but there's more still on the way. For example, it's time for you to learn about Escape. Since the beginning of the film medium, theaters have been built to feature a single, central screen, but Escape, a new theater configuration introduced by the projector company Barco, is tweaking that model. Two screens are used on either side of the main central screen in an attempt to create a panoramic image and a more immersive feel. The first feature film that will be available in this new format is The Maze Runner, the new young adult adaptation that's being released by 20th Century Fox and will be in theaters on September 19th. At this point, I imagine that many of you are asking a very important question to yourselves: if a movie is filmed to be projected on just one normal sized/IMAX screen, how is there going to be footage available to be shown on the two extra screens? As you may have guessed, the answer for now is visual effects.

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