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Why The AR-15 Is The Most Popular Rifle In America

•, Christian Beekman

The so-called "little black rifle" has become one of the most popular guns in civilian hands with an estimated four million AR-family rifles in circulation in the United States, according to statistics gathered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. From police tactical units to three-gun sport shooters; the AR-15 is ever present in America.

In spite of checkered service in Vietnam, a highly controversial acquisition process, and many attempts to replace it, the M16 — the AR-15's military cousin — has endured as the primary-service small arm for over half a century; longer than any other U.S. infantry rifle.

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that magazine is a 30-round mag at best. you'd need a much larger box mag for 100 rounds. don't believe a rifle is an assault weapon just because of how it looks. a human committed the Batman massacre, not the rifle. he could have done it with any gun. stop blaming guns for human crimes. k thanx. instead of fear-mongering, try educating yourself.

Comment by Matt Ike
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This is NOT a assault weapon. An assault weapon is a fully automatic gun, the AR-15 IS NOT AUTOMATIC. Ar-15 are SEMI-Auto. One pull of the trigger, ine round. Assault weaoons have been banned from sale without a speacial permit from the ATF since 1986. Many hunting rifles are semi-auto, and can fire at the same rate the AR-15 can. The only diffrence is the appearance. Just because it doesn't have a walnut stock does not make it an assault weapon.

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