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Artificial intelligence program that learns like a child


It makes sense, then, that researchers at the University of Gothenburg have developed a program that imitates a child's cognitive development.

"We have developed a program that can learn, for example, basic arithmetic, logic, and grammar without any pre-existing knowledge," says Claes Strannegård. Starting from a set of simple and broad definitions meant to provide a cognitive model, this program gradually builds new knowledge based on previous knowledge. From that new knowledge it then draws new conclusions about rules and relations that govern the world, and it identifies new patterns to connect the insight to.

The process is similar to how children develop intelligence. A child can intuit, for example, that if 2 x 0 = 0 and 3 x 0 = 0 then 5 x 0 will also equal 0, or they could draw the conclusion that the next number in the series "2, 5, 8" will be 11. And the same kinds of intuition carry across to other areas, such as grammar, where it's easy to identify rules for standard verb conjugations from examples like sing becoming sang and run becoming ran in the past tense.

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