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Cape Watch: Hulk and Hawkeye Will Lead the New Avengers Movie


Nonetheless, this week has brought more than just Saturday Night Live's new Marvel movies (and let's be honest: Fancy Ghosts could totally work). X-Men! Avengers! Big Hero 6! Fantastic Four! And a comic book movie that admittedly has nothing to do with superheroes, but we're including it here nonetheless so you shut up! Here are the highlights of the week's superhero movie news.

SUPER IDEA: X-Men: Days of Future Past to Get More Rogue in 2015

Good news for all of those distraught by the fact that the majority of Anna Paquin's appearances in this summer's X-Men had been cut for time: this time next year, that won't be the case anymore. Fox has confirmed that a special extended edition of the movie, referred to as "The Rogue Cut" after Paquin's character, will be released for the home market at "some point" in summer 2015.
Why this is super: The Rogue sequence has taken on near-mythical status since it was first reported that it had been cut earlier this year. (It's apparently set at the start of the movie, in the "future" era as the Sentinels are attempting to kill all X-Men). Even if it doesn't live up to fans' imaginations, it'll be good just to finally have it out there. No more mystery!

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