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The UN Just Passed The Global Patriot Act

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Comment by Ed Price
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We absolutely need to make use of the original common law, the REAL common law. The U.S., Canada, and the U.K. are founded on the common law that individual people can use to protect themselves, directly and individually, from Government. But very few people are using it. Very few people even know about it.

If EVERYBODY knew about the strength they have in the common law, and if they used it, the prisons would be empty of everybody except those who really deserved to be there, the mortgage industry would be cleaned up with mortgage companies losing, the national debt would be eliminated and we would be back on a working gold standard, the U.S. would not be a world-conquering empire (our kids wouldn't be dying in fake wars), peace would spread around the world, countries that are dictatorships or similar would gradually cave in to freedom for the people, etc.

One interesting thing about Freedom's Phoenix is, they haven't grabbed hold of this and reported it - COMMON LAW - at least not in a big way. Everything FP, along with media like Alex Jone's Prison Planet, Lew Rockwell, Dave Hodges' Common Sense Show, and many others. Why not? Maybe they don't believe it. Or maybe they would be out of a job if things got cleaned up.

Search engine search DuckDuckGo and Youtube on "Bill Thornton common law" and "Karl Lentz common law" and learn how to free yourself from Government restraints.