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CDC Warns Mystery Virus Gains Momentum

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In health news, in case you haven't heard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sounding the alarm. Red alert in states all across the country. No, this time it's not for Ebola. Instead, it's a rare virus known as human enter-o-virus 68. Missouri. Colorado. Oklahoma. Illinois. North Carolina. Several other states. All over the US, intensive care units are piling up with children who can barely breathe. What started out looking like a common flu, quickly morphing into a life-threatening respiratory virus. So far, nearly a thousand children gasping for air, infected with the airborne illness. And the CDC isn't missing a beat. Just as schools are opening up and late immunizations are underway, health officials are piling on. The CDC quickly put out a statement calling this new outbreak, "just the tip of the iceberg." This comes about a month after the CDC website published an article, titled, "Disease Outbreaks Still Happen." In one fell swoop,

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