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Hawking God Particle Discovery

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When he speaks, scientists listen. Considered by many as the smartest living man in the world, professor Stephen Hawking once bet another scientist a hundred bucks he would never find the so-called "God gene." Years ago, scientists made similar wagers about finding the atom. But now, after years of developments, we've discovered an atom is made of protons, neutrons and electrons, then even smaller, down to quarks and leptons, but without the so called "God Particle," researchers believe none of those would stick together. Now, we know that particle as Higgs boson, a sort of glue element that holds everything together. Particle physics can get extremely complicated, but scientists essentially believe this "God gene" is the particle that gives things mass. By itself, it may not be very interesting. But in Stephen Hawking's new book, all of a sudden, there's a reason to pay more attention to it. Communicating with assistance of a computer, Hawking tal

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