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WingBoarding: An extreme aerial sport inspired by a Disney cartoon


Now Aaron Wypyszynski, founder of Alabama-based Wyp Aviation, is looking to combine elements of these three sports in WingBoarding, which would see a rider towed behind a plane atop a winged board – yes, seriously.

Wypyszynski was inspired by growing up watching the Disney animated series TaleSpin, in which a 12-year-old brown bear cub called Kit Cloudkicker "cloud surfed" behind a plane on a crescent-shaped metal device known as an airfoil. In an attempt to turn childhood fantasy into reality, Wypyszynski has designed the WingBoard, the name of which really says it all. It is a winged board that the rider stands atop as it is towed behind a tow plane.

A single tow rope connected to the plane divides about 10 ft (3 m) in front of the rider, with the lower line branching down to the WingBoard itself and the upper line going to the tow bar that the rider holds onto.

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