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Fixed Markets: Unjusted Hospital Costs

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In a free market, buyers and sellers are the ones who decide a fair market price. If demand is high, and supply is low, the price goes up. And if demand is low, and the supply is high, then the price usually goes down. But what happens when the demand is immediate and the buyer is in a lot of pain? Or even worse, what happens when the buyer is completely unconscious? Bankruptcy. That's what happens. More than 60 percent of American bankruptcies come from medical bills. The high cost of healthcare is certainly one of the hottest topics in American politics, but most people focus on the monthly cost of insurance instead of the price of the treatment itself. All you have to do is make an unfortunate trip to the emergency room, and its almost certain you'll come away with a very poor taste in your mouth. There is no bargaining. There is no "buy two, get one free." There's really no discussion about price at all. The demand is simply there. There isn't any need for t

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