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LGBT Group Blocked From Using '.gay' Domain Because It's Not Gay Enough


Slate reports that the "dotgay Initiative" has been campaigning for years to be allowed to establish an online gay community using the .gay domain, which was recently created by ICANN, the group in charge of the world's domain names. The group envisioned .gay for gay community use in the same way that .edu is used for schools and .org for charities. The policy would have meant that commercial use of .gay domains — most obviously by porn companies — would have to go elswehere on the web.

Under ICANN rules, community groups are allowed to apply for ownership of new top-level domains. But to win exclusive rights to a domain, they have to pass a Community Priority Evaluation. The CPE is a test designed to examine whether a community is suitable enough to be granted ownership of a domain, and the dotgay group failed to pass the test.

ICANN released the results of dotgay's Community Priority Evaluation. In the document, it's revealed that dotgay failed to win the .gay domain mainly because the group simply isn't gay enough. Here are the reasons why ICANN turned them down:

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