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Goodbye, Columbus


School children in the earliest grades knew the date and the names of the ships on which Columbus and his crew had sailed: the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria. They knew his voyage had been financed by Queen Isabella of Spain, after the Genoese Admiral of the Ocean Sea had been turned down by other monarchs of Europe.

Oct. 12, 1492, was considered a momentous and wonderful day in world history: the discovery of America — by men from Europe.

This year, Columbus Day passed almost without notice. And that Columbus Day has become an embarrassment to many and an issue of savage controversy to some reflects a receding belief in this country in the superiority of our civilization.

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Comment by Ed Price
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There is all kinds of evidence that Columbus wasn't the first. Native Americans originally came across the Pacific, or across the Bering Strait. There were the Vikings. And we are starting to find evidence of many others. Keep Columbus. But tell the truth about the others.

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