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You Cant Say That Its Not "here" or that this is a hoax *Ebola



You could say the govt is downplaying the actual numbers
You could say theyre not being truthful

We've established that our govt has in the past deliberately withheld info from the people

But you cant say that its not here in the states

Imagine all the money that'd be spent to fake hospital records, to pay actors, photogs – bc every lie told, gets outed like Raven-Simone.

Just like 911 – their official story'd have more holes in it than a homeless guys socks.

Washington is to lying what wisconsin is to cheese. we get that. but to put on a theatrical elaborate show on something this horrendous – you guys give "them" to much credit. they aint that good.

Sandyhook? sure, footage coulda been all drills – 911 all networks shared the same footage diff angles. Zimmerman & Ferguson a (failed) precipice to racewars & riots. *Yes no argument our PTB set the stage for certain scenarios then let it play out to their favor – only if we take the bait.

You admit people have been dumbed down – even the best of the worst "actors" could NOT pull off Dallas/Duncan.

While there IS media manipulation going on (all ebola patients in videos wear green shirts, theres no pix of sores and bleeding from every orfice of patients,Ebola is real protest signs) did you expect anything 'less' from controlled media?

My broinlaw, the CongressmanTX – Dallas/Duncan was real. duncan isnt an actor. The 2 drs treated in Atlanta….fact. they were brought there because the CDC is there. First cases of Ebola.

**Our govt is complicit in bringing this shit here KNOWING FULLY that nunna our hospitals are trained, staffed and or medically equipped to handle ANY cases of Ebola. Not even our military……just like them opening our borders makes us vulnerable to isis/terrorists.

Our govt isnt stupid – they play that card because its most easily accepted by the masses. their infamous "ooops" gives them a pass.  much more at url

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