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Space Travel In 2015, The Ultimate Holiday Gift


Yes, you can go where no man or woman (or at least none except astronauts, a few political hangers-on and a handful of celebs) have gone before. And you can do it as early as next year. What a great holiday present for you or for the person who thinks they have everything.

Already, 300 eager folks have signed on to XCOR Lynx, a rocket-powered space plane. For $95k per, six tourists and one pilot at a time will fly 61 miles above the earth, and spend 30 minutes in space, three of those minutes in a micro-gravity environment with a max of four g-forces; that's four times the earth's gravity.

And then there are the 700 ticket holders who have already shelled out up to a quarter mill to get flung 50 miles above earth on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic for a max of two hours — including five minutes in a micro-gravity environment, with a max of six gs.

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