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The Myth of the "Good School District"


 In the Comment Section –where one can learn a lot of scary stuff about the views, priorities and prejudices of their fellow travelers – one pseudonym posted:

"Vacations don't define middle class. Plenty of workaholics in upper class. But the opportunity to get ahead in life through talent and hardwork [sic] is something middle class can't afford anymore.

1) Education to get ahead in life or stay in middle class

2) Housing in good school district to have their children get ahead in life over trust fund kids

Non sequitors aside, there appeared the recurring meme about housing "in good school district." Having heard/read that line or some paraphrase for the past few eons, it gave me pause to ask: Just what constitutes "a good school district"? Nice, modern up-to-date buildings with solid infrastructure? All the latest hi-tech computers and programs? Chem and Bio labs Johns Hopkins would die for? The "best" teachers? The most National Honor Society members? Winning Varsity teams from Football to Chess to Full Contact Origami?

Funny how "good school district" discussions rarely (if ever) focus on what sort of and how much socialist mis- and dis-information curricula is being crammed between the ears of the TWSU (Those Who Show Up).

Is there a Government Training Camp (i.e. "public school system") that actually teaches Objective Analysis? Logical Thinking? Individual Responsibility? What constitutes Freedom? Liberty? How about an American History course that would make Tom Woods proud (even if it might have a deleterious financial impact on Prof. Woods' "Liberty Classroom")?

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