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Hubble Space Telescope Takes Image of Taurus Constellation


The latest image taken by the space telescope showed multiple star system XZ Tauri. XZ Tauri in the image appeared blowing a bubble of hot gas onto its surrounding space. The image also showed XZ Tauri's neighbors and some other nearby objects. XZ Tauri lies in the center of the image, embedded in the reddish cloud. At first glance, it seems as if there is only one star present there, but previous observations suggest that the system contains three stars.

In the image, one can see a hot bubble of gas, which is the orange section at the top left of the image. Experts said when this bubble hits slower material, it creates pulses of light and shockwaves. In the top right of XZ Tauri in the image are the feathers of red streak from blue clumps on the right. The blue part in the image is a star system called HL Tauri. HL Tauri is associated with a HerbigHaro object (HH 150), which is a streak of gas produced from newborn stars. HL Tauri recently came in limelight when the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile captured a high-resolution photo of planets forming within its system. The image taken by ALMA not only showed the formation of planets, but also confirmed some current scientific theories about planet formation.

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