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Ginormous Financial Shift Underway in the World


Here is what is happening:

1. The US is involved in a financial war against Syria, Iran and Russia, by reducing the price of oil to below break even.  This frees-up billions in the consumer economy.

2. China is buying cheap oil by the boat loads and is switching its primary source from Iran to Nigeria.  

3. Japan (read below) is switching from investing US dollars it earns by selling cars and cameras from US Treasury Bonds (which are earning less than 2%) to investing in the stock market.  Japan now holds $1.2 trillion of US Treasury bonds that are almost worthless now as they will likely never be repaid.  This is a monumental change.  Japanese companies have been buying each other's stocks to prop up prices.  This will create a crisis for the US which is living on borrowed money to pay for military, Medicare and Social Security.  Will the US just create phony electronic money now?  If you follow what I am saying here, the stock market might soar while the federal government collapses.  

4. See the second article below.  It is written by Chriss W Street and published at BREITBART.  It is the best explanation of what is going on in the world today and it says China is ready to dump its $1.3 trillion in US Treasury Bonds.  Couple that with the shift from US Treasury Bonds to stocks by Japan and you have a ginormous financial tsunami about ready to hit the US.  That is the reason why demand for gold and silver coins is very strong from the US Mint while gold and silver prices are being shorted by the bullion banks to stave off a bank run that would value gold over paper money.  China is trying to weaken its currency so its goods are cheaper on the open market to buoy up its faltering economy.  

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Comment by Ed Price
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Just remember, the U.S. isn't you or me, except if we are a BIG Government official, or part of the leaders of the banking system. The banking and Governmental controllers of the U.S. and the world are mostly our enemies, just like they are the enemies of all the foreign countries. Consider the taxes and everything else they steal from us.

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