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Genius: A Periscope That Gives You Eyes in the Back of Your Head


It's been said that in the early 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg, the father of the printing press, invented a periscope to simply see above people's heads during a parade.

Today, periscopes are often used as toys, but that doesn't make them any less interesting. Case in point: The EyeTeleporter, a cardboard periscope that lets you see the world from three different vantage points that's now raising funds on Kickstarter. Juste Kostikovaite and Aurimas Lazinskas created the EyeTeleporter as a way to explore what it might be like if your eyes were in your stomach, or in the back of your head, or three feet above what you usually see.

Like most simple periscopes, The EyeTeleporter is made from cardboard and two mirrored pieces of acrylic that are situated at the top and bottom of the periscope at 45 degree angles. The cardboard fits over your head like a Daft Punk helmet, allowing you to explore hands-free with your new perspective.

The two designers' interest optical tricks dates back to childhood when they'd make simple periscopes out of, again, cardboard and mirrors. That fascination followed them into adulthood when they began learning about V.S.Ramachandran's work in relieving phantom limb pain. The neuroscientist is known for his mirror-box technique, in which a person with an amputated limb places both the good limb and stump into two separate sides of a box that are split by mirrors facing opposite directions.

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