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Government using Common Core propaganda to indoctrinate children into vaccine compliance


(NaturalNews) Vaccine propaganda has made it into the federal government's new Common Core agenda, with textbooks for first graders now pushing the lie that vaccines "keep children safe from germs." Screenshots taken from a Teacher Created Resources, Inc., workbook dubbed "Nonfiction Reading Comprehension--Grade 1" reveal multiple choice questions deceitfully worded to manipulate younger students into accepting industry-backed vaccine dogma.

The images first surfaced on the Family Health Freedom Network, unleashing a firestorm of controversy over this blatant indoctrination of society's most vulnerable members. Presented as nonfiction, the worksheet poses a series of elusive questions underneath the headline "Don't Catch that Cold!" which set the stage for the early adoption of vaccines as the answer to germs and disease.

The question series begins by asking children their thoughts on the common cold, including how a person develops a cold, how long it lasts and what symptoms it produces. The questions then shift toward viruses in general, quickly leading into a discussion on vaccines that appears to have no correlation to the previous questions about the common cold -- colds, after all, cannot be treated or prevented by vaccines.

Nevertheless, the worksheet proceeds to ask children to circle one of two answers to the question "Why do nurses give shots?" Children taking the quiz are only allowed to answer with "to make children cry" or "to keep children safe from germs," the cunning inference being that, if vaccines aren't meant to hurt children, then they are only there to help them!

You can view a screenshot of the Teacher Crafted Resources, Inc., material containing these and other questions here:

After deeply confusing children, Common Core scam will reeducate them with fascist propaganda

Like the rest of the Common Core agenda, this basic quiz about the common cold is clearly meant to both confuse and indoctrinate young students, tying unrelated concepts together with one another to manipulate impressionable minds into a certain mindset. In this case, the goal appears to be one of associating the misery of dealing with a cold to not getting vaccinated, as evidenced by the final two questions.

After asking children to identify the most common symptom of a cold, blowing one's nose, the quiz proceeds to ask the question, "Are you glad that there are shots? Why?" In the posted screenshot, the particular child who answered this question wrote, "Because they keep you safe from really bad viruses."


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