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Ron Paul Rages At Trump: "Assange Is A Hero... Don't Declare War On The Truth"

•, by Ron Paul

"I love Wikileaks," candidate Donald Trump said on October 10th on the campaign trail. He praised the organization for reporting on the darker side of the Hillary Clinton campaign. It was information likely leaked by a whistleblower from within the Clinton campaign to Wikileaks.

Back then he praised Wikileaks for promoting transparency, but candidate Trump looks less like President Trump every day. The candidate praised whistleblowers and Wikileaks often on the campaign trail. In fact, candidate Trump loved Wikileaks so much he mentioned the organization more than 140 times in the final month of the campaign alone! Now, as President, it seems Trump wants Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sent to prison.

Last week CNN reported, citing anonymous "intelligence community" sources, that the Trump Administration's Justice Department was seeking the arrest of Assange and had found a way to charge the Wikileaks founder for publishing classified information without charging other media outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post for publishing the same information.

It might have been tempting to write off the CNN report as "fake news," as is much of their reporting, but for the fact President Trump said in an interview on Friday that issuing an arrest warrant for Julian Assange would be, "OK with me."

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Government is scared out of its mind by the 6th and 7th Amendments - the jury trial - and to a lesser extent by the 9th and 10th Amendments - direct rights of the people and States over the Federal Government. Every law that has been made can be nullified by the courts in jury trial. The jury trial can strengthen the 9th and 10th Amendments so that the people can put down all the strength of Government against the people and States, while strengthening Government to keep the nations of the world from harming us. Both Ron Paul and Trump are trying to distract the people from finding this out.

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