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The Secrets of Medieval Castles: Stairs are built in a clockwise fashion for a clever reason

•, Sam Dickson

Guest Blogger Will Kalif from the website  All Things Medieval takes us through The Secrets of Medieval Castles

A lot of thought, ingenuity, and planning went into the design of Medieval Castles. Everything from the outer walls to the shapes and location of stairwells were very carefully planned to provide maximum protection to the inhabitants. Here are some of the unique and lesser-known secrets of medieval castle designs.

The Moat – A moat, which is a body of water that surrounds a castle, is often thought of as a water obstacle that had to be crossed; but this wasn't the primary function of a moat.

One of the biggest concerns of the inhabitants of a medieval castle or fortress was the fear that an invading army would dig tunnels under the fortification.

This tunnelling could either provide access to the castle or cause a collapse of the castle walls. A moat prevented this because any tunnel under the moat would collapse and fill with water.

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