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The Conspiracy Against Saturated Fat: Dr. Jack Wolfson responds to the American...


(Natural News) Over the weekend, a news story based on the American Heart Association's tired, worn-out and scientifically obsolete war on healthy fats went viral, claiming that coconut oil was somehow bad for cardiovascular health. Remember, the AHA is the same nutritionally illiterate organization that, for decades, told heart attack victims they could eat unlimited processed sugar and artificial sweeteners as long as they didn't consume a single gram of fat. All fats were declared unhealthy by the AHA, including plant-based "good" fats like the kind found in avocados, flax seeds and chia seeds.

Now, the AHA is at its old "retread" tricks again, declaring war on coconut oil for the simple reason that coconut oil helps millions of American avoid the need for prescription drugs made by the very companies that funnel millions of dollars to the AHA. As coconut oil has become more mainstream, it's cutting into the profit model of the corrupt "heart attack industry" which depends on people getting sick and staying sick by eating heavily processed foods devoid of real nutrition.

But the AHA's propaganda effort is thinly veiled. Almost no one is fooled, and only the most nutritionally illiterate people believe anything the AHA (or the AMA, for that matter) has to say about nutrition, health or disease prevention. Any organization funded by Big Pharma is, by definition, nothing more than a group of prostitutes and shills for pharmaceutical interests.

In fact, holistic-minded doctors are raging against the AHA's ignorant, dangerous advice that's actually designed to promote heart disease rather than prevent it. Along those lines, I'm publishing an exclusive commentary piece authored by Jack Wolfson, DO, FACC, author of The Paleo Cardiologist and founder of Here's what he has to say about the AHA's mindless attack on coconut oil…

The Conspiracy Against Saturated Fat

by Jack Wolfon, DO, FACC

Have you heard the latest study showing coconut oil increases heart attacks? That's right. You haven't. Because it doesn't and there is no such study.

But the American Heart Association (AHA) keeps trotting out the same message from the 1970's: Saturated fat is the villain when it comes to cardiovascular disease.

The news media eats it up as the news relies on advertisers.

We can blame the fake news on Corporate America. It is the corporations who control the lobbyist groups like the AHA. That's right. I said it. The AHA is a lobbyist group. They collect nearly 1 billion dollars every year to push the agenda of Big Pharma and Big Agriculture.

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