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Arguments for Free Trade and for Freedom

• by Donald J. Boudreaux

Q: How can we spread the idea that capitalism has been the driving force of human progress in a way that resonates with our friends on the Left?

A: Great question.  We can do only what we can do.  As FEE's founder, Leonard Read, often said, our tool is persuasion.  Fortunately, we've mountains of facts on our side.  In reality, the freer the society, the richer are not just "the rich" in that society, but also the poor - who become rich compared to ordinary people in less free societies. 

Each of us has a role to play in furthering the cause of free society.  Some do it by writing highly technical articles in economics or in law.  Others by writing op-eds.  Others by talking casually with friends.  The ways and opportunities are many, and each person must discover where he or she best fits in.

Q: You've inspired me through your constant/relentless letters to the editor. What is your actual goal with these?

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