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Secret Video Released Showing DEA Agents Execute 2 Women, a Child, and a Man

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In the federal government's relentless and futile pursuit to control what Americans can and cannot put into their own bodies, all too often, innocent people become the victims of state-sponsored violence. Since its inception during the Nixon years, the drug war has not only failed at its task but it's served to create a massive opioid epidemic and eviscerated rights—all while fostering corruption and violence within the government. At the head of this violent and corrupt beast is the government office known as the Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA.

A scathing new report out of ProPublica has just shined some light on the DEA's dark and violent history. This new evidence, accompanied with a video, shows that for the past five years, the DEA has been lying about an incident that resulted in them killing four innocent civilians, including two women and a child.

The incident happened in Honduras during an operation carried out under the cover of darkness in one of many futile attempts to stop people from selling arbitrary substances.

According to the report from ProPublica:

In the DEA's view, the dead — one man, two women and a 14-year-old boy — were among those on a boat that shot at a canoe carrying a joint DEA-Honduran anti-drug team. The DEA said it had evidence in the form of night-vision video taken from a surveillance plane showing an "exchange of gunfire" between the two vessels after the larger boat collided with the canoe carrying the agents.

Now, for the first time, the three-hour video has been released to the public. It strongly suggests that the DEA's account of crossfire in the May 2012 mission was not accurate. The release of the video, under a Freedom of Information Act request, follows a scathing report published by the inspectors general of the Departments of Justice and State earlier this year that challenged the DEA's version of events.


ProPublica, along with the NY Times hired a forensic expert to analyze said video. According to the expert, Bruce Koenig, the video shows numerous flashes originating from the DEA and not the family who was murdered.

Mr. Koenig, who formerly was the supervisor of the F.B.I.'s forensic audio/video group, examined the video frame by frame and concluded that only one flash originates from the passenger boat, according to the report. However, it was determined that this single flash could've been caused by a gunshot to the motor of the victim's boat. Indeed, experts later found a bullet hole in the motor.

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