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The Dog That Didn't Bark


All alleged assailants are owed a presumption of innocence in court, of course. But when so many scores of accounts describe curiously similar "modes of operation" — and when in some cases these women now solve the mystery of their career eclipses by reporting they were traumatized for years — surely we're not forbidden to note this one, odd, missing detail — the "dog that didn't bark."

Wouldn't it seem to defy the odds that not a single one of these women ends her account by saying "So, since shouting 'No, I don't want this,' didn't work, pushing him away didn't work, trying to get out the door didn't work, finally after he pushed me down on the bed and started to rip off my clothes, I just couldn't think what else to do, so I pulled my snub-nose .38 out of my purse and fired two warning shots into the center of his chest. Do you think that was enough, officer?"

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