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Newsbud Exclusive- The Out of Control U.S. War Industry!

• by Christian Sorensen

It funds the D.C. think tanks, thereby controlling the narrative and ensuring new 'threats' are always hyped. It advertises on national media, thereby forestalling the slim chance a corporate journalist might bravely challenge the need for endless war. It is up to an educated citizenry to remedy this situation. Understanding the following contracts, which have been issued since the start of 2018, is a crucial part of forming an educated, mobilized citizenry.

On January second, Georgia Tech received $7,190,037 to maintain and improve the information systems that support the Special Access Programs (SAPs), nominally controlled by the Secretary of Defense. SAPs are numerous, often redundant, and compartmentalized to the extreme. Worse yet, there is not a single person in the U.S. government who has access to, let alone understands, all of the SAPs out there.

What does this mean? It means that the U.S. government bureaucracy, specifically the so-called intelligence community, is out of control. The intelligence community is not a benevolent protector. It is a bloated, privatized beast. It is a giant boulder rolling down a slippery hill – sucking up greenbacks as it goes – and trampling the rights of every person on the planet, regardless of citizenship or country of origin.

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