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Jimmy Carter Just Issued A Chilling Warning To Trump About Syria

• by Jessica Corbett

"I pray that he would keep our country at peace and not exaggerate or exacerbate the challenges that come up with North Korea, in Russia, or in Syria," Carter told The Associated Press about Trump's recent threats.

"I hope he realizes very profoundly as I did, and as other presidents have done," Carter continued, "that any nuclear exchange could involve catastrophe for all human beings."

Carter pointed out that even a military attack that doesn't escalate into a nuclear exchange "is a dangerous thing" that can unleash unpredictable consequences.

Anti-war activists are also pressuring Trump to proceed cautiously.

"There is no proof yet of a Syrian government gas attack," noted Veterans for Peace President Gerry Condon. "Even if the reports are true, a military response will only lead to more death and destruction, and dangerous escalations."

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Comment by Ed Price
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"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." The question is, who are the peacemakers? Are they the ones talking against war with Syria? Or are they the ones who are talking war. War which would destroy the banking system, governmental controls over free people, police brutality, abortion murder, all kinds of wickedness and ungodliness among the people. The banking system will crash; the crash is built into the Ponzi that it is. What do we want? Would we rather have a crash 20 years from now that will be similar to a hydrogen bomb? Or do we want a little crash now, that is like a baby nuke? Which of the peacemakers are really talking peace, and which of them are talking greed, on behalf of the bankers?

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