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The Korea Story: Why Is the Media Getting It So Wrong?

•, by Justin Raimondo

As news of the statement by the North Korean vice minister for foreign affairs Kim Kye Gwan spread, the usual suspects could hardly contain their glee: Trump's vaunted Korean peace initiative had been a fraud all along! The summit was off! The North Koreans had been faking it, and Mr. Art of the Deal had been taken for a ride! Hurrah! Hurray! From Nicholas Kristof to Bill Kristol, the celebration was loud and the Twitterverse resounded with unrestrained gloating: finally the President's enemies had earned the right to say "We told you so!"

Or so they thought. There's just one problem, however: the celebrants are wrong. There's nothing for these war-ghouls to cheer about. To begin with, the summit, as the US State Department has informed us, is on, and the US is making plans to accommodate the President's trip to Singapore, where the meeting will take place.

Furthermore, if one actually reads the statement of the North Koreans, rather than taking what the Western media says about it as gospel truth, one thing is clear: Pyongyang isn't making any unilateral concessions without getting something in return. No one ever assumed otherwise. The North singles out John Bolton – "We do not hide our repugnance toward him" — decrying his invocation of the "Libyan model," which ended in the death of Moammar Ghadafi. 

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