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Solutions for near-term antimatter fusion propulsion using isotope breeding cycle

•, brian wang

Positron Dynamics has solutions to all of the huge problems to use the immense power of antimatter.

Positrons are 2000 times easier to produce than antiprotons.

Positrons are produced constantly from various isotopes.

They get around the problem of generating and storing antimatter by breeding Krypton 79 isotope to constantly generate more and more positrons.

They will breed Krypton 78 to Krypton 79 by capturing neutrons from D-D fusion.
Surround a source of D-D fusion with 1 meter thick ten atmospheric pressure Krypton 78 gas will capture almost all of the neutrons from D-D fusion.

The D-D fusion will be triggered using positrons. Thus the positron triggers the fusion which produces neutrons to breed more isotope, the isotope produces the positrons.

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