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The U.S. War Industry Raked in $5+ Billion Worth of Foreign Military Sales in June 2018


Textron received $36 million to provide Argentina with four T-6C+ aircraft. This includes maintenance, contractors, and pilot training. There has been an uptick in FMS to Argentina since President Macri took power at the end of 2015. Macri cares nothing of the Argentinian people; he spends millions on foreign weapons while enforcing austerity measures at home. U.S. weaponry sold to Argentina during the Macri tenure has included: L-3 logistics support for invasive C-12 aircraft; Textron helicopters; Honeywell auxiliary power units; and more T-6+ aircraft. Textron will likely sell more aircraft to Argentina, since the original FMS approval was for 24 aircraft worth $300 million, and less than 10 have been sold so far.

The U.S. war industry profits from high tensions between Japan and China, South Korea and North Korea, and Taiwan and China, among other Far East nations. Without tensions, military provocations, and endless wars (in the case of Korea), the U.S. war industry would lose out on billions in annual sales and Wall Street would lose one of its most lucrative sectors.
Aviation Ground Equipment Corp. received $11.6 million for static frequency converters for various aircraft for the U.S. Navy and Japan. Boeing received $14 million for upgrading Japan's mission computers, presumably for Boeing's E-3 Sentry aircraft. Northrop Grumman received $153.2 million for one Japan-configuration E-2D aircraft.

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