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NEO: The Unfixable, the Price of Rule by Ignorance

•, By Gordon Duff

If there is one gift from Donald Trump, it's his tendency to debunk everything, everything but himself. It's one thing lying about pretty much everything, it's quite something else to structure world events to fit the lies and that's exactly what we are doing. Let me explain.

We have created artificial categories, created to fit analytical patterns created to serve a massive disinformation culture, and built fictional narratives around them to define what we all agree is a senseless spiral into chaos and anarchy.

Let's look at world economics. Value is established through esoteric creations called "currencies," a term few can define. Typically, the world trades on the US dollar, a currency backed by debt, but no one knows who holds that debt nor can anyone explain how the debt was created, where the money went, where it is now and where the cash that services the interest on the debt goes.

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