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The collapse of vaccine science is well underway, but people blindly cling to the status quo ...


(Natural News) When the coolant begins to leak out of your vehicle and the temperature gauge rises, you mustn't continue down the road, pretending like nothing is going to happen. If your vehicle shows signs of overheating, you must stop and face the problem. A coolant hose may be loose, the thermostat may need to be replaced, an intake manifold gasket could be failing, the radiator may be punctured, the water pump could be going out, or even worse, the head gasket may be failing.

In society, many people blindly believe that nothing is breaking down, that nothing is collapsing. Even though the signs of collapse are flashing all around, like warning lights on the dash, many people continue to drive down the road of their lives, pretending like nothing is going to happen. Wishful thinking does not stop a vehicle from overheating. Likewise, you can't ignore your way out of a crisis. Wishful thinking does not shield you from the looming reality of a breakdown, whether it is your vehicle, society in general, or the science behind modern medicine.

Even though the signs of collapse are obvious, it's easier to cling to the status quo and pretend like nothing is happening. But a collapse is an opportunity to improve, to fix, to evolve, and to build upon. It is not something to ignore. Some people are looking for a complete collapse — an event of great magnitude that causes widespread chaos. A complete doomsday scenario never comes because a collapse is a slow process with many evolving parts and unfolding events.

The collapse of modern medicine goes ignored

The collapse is happening all around us. Driven by Big Pharma, it's happening in medicine and science, specifically in vaccine programs that cause not only disability and premature death, but also cause viral shedding and viral mutations that perpetuate the diseases they advertise to prevent. The masses want to continue to have faith in vaccine science, but wishful thinking does not take away from the fact that new polio, measles, mumps, and flu incidences are now traced to the live attenuated viruses from the vaccines themselves. Did you know that 90 percent of whooping cough victims today are already vaccinated against whooping cough? Did you know that scientists admit that polio outbreaks are often caused by the vaccines?

When injected into weak, overburdened immune systems, these lab-grown viruses revert to infectious form and indiscriminately shed into the environment via the vaccinated person's aerosols and body fluids. Even so, many people still cling to the status quo, repeating phrases like "vaccines saves lives" and just "get your damn shots." They know nothing but to trust in authority and believe in popular opinion, even as all evidence points to the contrary.

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