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Bokhari: On Immigration, Guns, and Speech, Banks Act as a Shadow Government

• by Allum Bokhari

The decision by JPMorgan is the latest in an increasingly popular tactic by the far left, which is to use the private sector to achieve policy objectives that would be politically or constitutionally impossible if attempted via government.

It also followed a similar decision by Wells Fargo in January, which said it would reduce its business relationships with private prisons as part of its "environmental and social risk management."

Thanks to a craven corporate sector that allows itself to be led by a vocal minority of activists, the ability of ICE to do its job has suffered a significant blow, despite there being no democratic mandate for undermining the agency's efforts to curb illegal immigration. Even a majority of Democrat voters oppose the far-left plot to abolish ICE – but if democracy mattered to the far-left, they wouldn't be using unelected corporations to implement policy in the first place.

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