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We Have No Idea How Good We Can Get

•, by Paul Rosenberg

 It shocked me. To complain about human behavior I very well understood; there's plenty of bad behavior in the world. But to flatly call the human species depraved… hopelessly unredeemable… that was, and remains, obscene to me.

The sad truth, however, is that the modern West swims in a sea of Calvinism. The corporate bullhorns feed everyone they can a steady diet of the bad, ugly, and if possible the bloody. Under their influence, we would believe that all is darkness, that truth is illusion, that the human path is ever-downward, and that all professions of goodness are scams.

In other words, the minds of millions of people (billions, probably), are continually pushed to imagine that human depravity is a fact. That strategy is terribly effective – there's no better tool for manipulating humans than fear – but it is no less than obscene and evil.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Human depravity IS a fact. If it weren't, we would have at least a few 1,000 year old people in the world. But people are so depraved that they barely live for 100 years. Look at the complexity in the bodies and minds of people. The complexity is keeping them alive as long as they DO live. But it is this complexity that is breaking down the quickest, by their imperfection depravity.

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