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Forbidden Archeology with Michael Cremo

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Forbidden Archeology documents evidence for extreme human antiquity. Actually, over the past 150 years archaeologists have found abundant evidence showing that human beings like ourselves have existed for hundreds of millions of years. This evidence,

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Comment by Ed Price
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Consider Big Bang. BB Theory says that things were extremely different in the first 300,000 years after the BB. But how does science know this? If things were so different, both math had physics were different, as well. So, we can't use our math and physics to explain the BB, because there was a coalescing of math and physics into what it is today. When did this coalescing solidify into what we have today, enough so that something in the past makes sense? Five thousand years ago? Ten? Nobody knows. Our determining of prehistoric ages is completely flawed. The Bible shows this in the first few verses of Genesis. Read them slowly, considering that "time" and "the laws of physics" are coalescing right along with the creation. Things beyond and before this coalescing don't match the things of today, even though the "materials" being coalesced are present in some form or other.

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