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One Man's Unlikely Quest to Power the World With Magnets

• Wall Street Journal

Mr. Danzik, the science and technology officer for Wyoming-based Inductance Energy Corp., says he has invented a magnetic generator, a flywheel system that extracts usable energy from the interplay of exotic magnets—also known as a free-energy device, a cousin to the fabled perpetual-motion machine.

Mr. Danzik winces at the phrase "perpetual motion," with centuries of humbug behind it. "It's a generator," he said during an interview at IEC's lab and training facility in Scottsdale, Ariz. Left running, the machines, known as Earth Engines, will eventually exhaust themselves. He just isn't sure when.

"We really don't know how long the magnets will perform," Mr. Danzik said.

IEC hired him in 2015 to improve design on a diesel generator for oil fields. When that project didn't pan out, company Chief Executive Bill Hinz asked what other ideas he had.

"What if I showed you a device that you could put in the back of a pickup and power a city block?" Mr. Hinz said by phone, quoting what Mr. Danzik told him back then. Mr. Hinz—a former president and CEO of AlliedSignal Aerospace—uttered the appropriate epithet of incredulity. But after several more demonstrations, he became the Earth Engine's second believer.

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