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The Path to Genocide Is Beginning in California-Proposition 63 and SB 1235


The greatest threat to a person is not being drafted into a war. The greatest danger to every human being on the planet is its own government. For governments have murdered more people, by far, than any war ever fought.

Most people are familiar with the term, genocide. The more accurate term in which genocide is a tool of control for a government is called democide, or death by government and the University of Hawaii has the best information on the topic.

As you read this article, please realize that the path to democide is always the same:

Elimination of the 1st Amendment. This has been largely accomplished thanks to Google. 

Gun confiscation, either direct or incrementally. 

Open season on undesirables who are now defenseless to defend themselves because their guns are gone. 

The path genocide (aka democide, death by government) never varies. And now California is become the trend setter in what the globalists have planned for America. After reading this article, can there be any doubt?

The Scope and Totality of Democide

Seven governmental regimes have murdered 10,000,000 or more people which surpasses the death toll of World War I.

Three governmental regimes have even murdered more than 20,000,000, which in by and itself is substantially more than the war dead of World War II.  

When one tries to make sense of these numbers, cognitive dissonance sets in. The numbers are too astronomical to comprehend and make sense out this phenomenon.

Everyone is familiar with the Holocaust. Yet, the Holocaust is not the best example of Democide. Even most scholars seem to be unaware of the total scope of the Nazis scope of executions. The total number murdered by Hitler, totals over 21 million people.  

Aside from the Holocaust, even most academicians seem to be unaware that that there were even greater examples of democide than the Nazis.

20th Century Democide

It is particularly instructive to take a long look at the Soviet Democide numbers. Again, from the Univdersity of Hawaii Democide Project"

Sources of Soviet deaths

In summing up the Soviet Holocaust, it is important to look at the numbers and how people were executed by the Soviet regime. 

Half of all Soviet citizens that died violent deaths between 1917 and 1987 were killed in what, today, we would call FEMA Camps (ie Gulags). 

People sometimes ask me why I pay attention to the topic of "using food as a weapon". It is because 10% of all violent deaths, mostly in Ukraine, came from planned starvation. 

Terrorism accounted for 10% of all violent deaths. These deaths would include mass roundups and execution, or going house to house and murdering entire families. 

These numbers pale in comparison to the 26% of all violent deaths accounted for by war. In other words, for Soviets who would prematurely die by violent means, 3 out of 4 would perish at the hands of their own government.  


There is a reason that Thomas Jefferson put the 1st Amendment before the 2nd Amendment. Proper use of the 1st Amendment could prevent bloodshed. Now that the 1st Amendment is almost dead, thanks to Big Tech, it is time to work, in earnest on the 2nd Amendment and that is what the globalists and the Deep State are busy doing in places like California. . 

Before proceeding with the full scope of the implications to California's move to grab guns by cutting off ammunition sales, we need to discuss the concept of the incrementalism. It can take different forms. It can be the boiling frog in the pot, or the implementation of a grand plan can happen so gradually, it is not noticed. 

And there is another principle that must be brought out. In every genocide covered by the University of Hawaii Democide Project, everyone one of them was preceded by gun confiscated.

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