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Top 8 little-known places you'll find DEADLY pesticides in your food, beverages, medicine and ..


(Natural News) Have you joined the "walk for dementia's cure" group yet? What color ribbon should you wear for that, and to exactly which rich "administrative" executive will you donate your hard-earned money? Maybe you already joined, but forgot. That's completely possible, given that you're probably consuming deadly pesticides all day, and the cumulative effect is cancer, diabetes, lowered IQ and loss of memory.

There's nothing the U.S. government and its chronic sick care industry hates more than a healthy person who knows the truth about clean food versus dirty conventional food, because to them, you're a liability instead of an "asset."

Want to be a medical doctor's customer for life? Consume GMOs daily. Want to die of cancer slowly and expensively while oncologists cut you open, radiate you, and give you the most horrific chemical medicine they can get their dirty hands on?

It's time to filter all pesticides from your daily intake. This goes for anything you eat, drink, or put on your body, or use for medication. One more question: Are you caught up in a "circle of poison" that's got you heading towards dementia at a young age? Let's check. We'll start with your coffee.

#1. Coffee beans

Just like any other marketable crop, the coffee plant gets eaten by insects on the plantations, affecting yield, cost and quality. Guess what affects YOUR quality of life as a human being? Consuming the chemical pesticides used to kill those coffee pests. Want some examples?

There's the black twig borer that attacks Arabica and Robusta coffee. Cicadas (you may call them locusts) lay eggs that hatch and feed off the sap at the roots of coffee plants. Then there's the coffee borer beetle that burrows into the coffee fruit and lays eggs in the seeds. Don't forget about the nematodes, those worm-like organisms that attack the roots, forming knots that inhibit the plant from feeding properly.

You can bet your last splash of creamer that corporations use deadly pesticides on these coffee pests and could not care less that those chemicals cause dementia in humans. Ever heard of the "Circle of Poison?"

When governments ban chemicals like toxic pesticides from being used on certain crops in their country, many are still allowed to be used for exports that end up in the mouths of millions of other unsuspecting consumers around the world. Watch how fast the poison spreads in this trailer to the film, "Circle of Poison."

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