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Heart-warming moment two Memphis students hand a bag of their own clothes to a freshman...


Two thoughtful students brought in bags of their own clothes to give to a freshman who was being bullied for wearing the same outfit everyday to school. 

Micheal Todd had just started at Martin Luther King College Prep in Memphis, Tennessee, when cruel classmates started teasing him over his appearance.

Bullies claimed that Micheal wore the same thing everyday, with the freshman explaining that he didn't have many clothes at home because he was 'growing too fast' for his mom to buy them. 

In an act of kindness two of the school's upperclassmen, both football team members, decided to give Michael several bags of their own clothes - with a student filming the heartwarming exchange.

Teammates Kristopher Graham and Antwain Garrett banded together to gather a selection of their clothes from their closets, including a pair of new shoes, to give to Micheal.

Kristopher Graham admits that he had been among the bullies, before realizing the error of his ways.

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