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London Attempts To DESTROY Uber By REVOKING Operating License! - What You NEED To Know

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson reports on the revoking of Uber's operating license in the city of London, one of Uber's top five largest urban markets.

According to London's transportation agency (Transport for London), Uber isn't "fit and proper" enough to operated within the city due to several unlicensed rides by individual drivers at Uber where they weren't properly licensed with the city to take money to provide car rides to locations.

This is once again evidence of vastly trivial paperwork restricting individuals from making their own decisions in the UK as government breaths down their necks, claiming to want to bring people out of poverty (and there are a ridiculous amount of impoverished people in the UK) while using arbitrary laws to stop people from putting food on their tables or making the voluntary decision to get into an Uber car and taking responsibility into their own hands. Meanwhile there's little to no oversight when it comes to the taxis in London or almost anywhere. The risk factors are far greater, but of course the government forces taxi companies to pay a ridiculous fortune to be licensed so it makes sense that the London government is attempting to stifle Uber as a major competitor as the government can't forcefully take as much money from Uber drivers as they can via license programs with taxi companies.

All the more evidence that government doesn't care about the vast poverty affecting millions and are far more concerned with absurd paper work that only restricts people from being independent and prospering.