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Bridgestone unveils airless tires that can hold up to 5,000 pounds and never loses pressure...


Bridgestone is set to roll out airless tires in a bid to combat the air-related issues commercial trucks face while traveling cross country.

The new design replaces the pressurized air with a recycled thermoplastic 'web' that holds up to 5,000 pounds each with the added benefit of never losing pressure.

The Japanese company first plans to release a smaller, lighter version for bicycles- and will show off the design with a fleet of airless-tire bikes at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The flexible web is designed to provide compliance and cushion that pressured air would do in traditional tires and the tread is said to 'deliver grip levels similar to conventional rolling stock.'

Jon Kimpel, executive director for new mobility solution engineering at Bridgestone Americas told Automotive News, 'Fleet operators are asking us for these.'

'This technology solves a problem for them and it saves them money. Their job is to keep their trucks on the road, and you can't do that when your tires are not properly inflated.'