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The flying machines of the future?


The finalists of a Boeing-backed competition to design a passenger-carrying flying machine of the future are getting ready to exhibit their entries after years in development.

The 'GoFly' competition this month is comprised of 850 teams from 130 countries competition to create the ultimate personal flying machine.

Competitors were tasked with creating a flying device that's safe, compact, quiet, capable of carrying one person for 20 miles without refuelling or recharging, and providing 'the thrill of flight'.

Outside of these requirements, Go Fly organisers said that the function and design of each machine is up to each individual team.

From February 27 to 29, the final five will put their personal flyers through their paces before one is crowned champion.

The two-year $2 million competition will culminate in 'fly-off' event next week at Moffett Fenderal Airfield at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.