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Huckabee: We are 'shredding the Constitution' while enforcing quarantine measures

• FOX News

"We live in a democracy. We live in a country where we elect our leaders to make decisions — we do not relegate, delegate, and give over those decisions to people, no matter how smart they are; we don't give them to people who haven't been elected by we the people," Huckabee told "Fox & Friends."

Huckabee's comments came after Dr.  Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in an interview Sunday that he "can't guarantee" that it will be safe to physically vote at polls in November due to coronavirus.

"I hope so, Jake," he said, in an interview on CNN with Jake Tapper. "I can't guarantee it."

President Trump has spoken out unfavorably against mail-in ballots and there was a dramatic clash last week in Wisconsin that pitted Republicans in the state legislature and state Supreme Court against many Democrats nationwide.

Democrat political consultant James Carville said Republicans will "literally kill people to stay in power."

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And the bad part is that it is based on lies at its foundation. First, people believe the news reports that are a big scam - Second, mistakes and accidents in USA hospitals kill an admitted 200,000 to 400,000 a year - But this number is the number we get while the medical is trying to hide the real numbers. So, since they are trying to hide the real numbers, how can we even be sure that the whole medical reporting of the Coronavirus thing has any truth in it at all!? It's a war of fear based on 100% fake news. If your loved one died from CV, they lied to you about what it was from.

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