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'You're a real class act.' Bill Barr snaps at House judiciary chair Jerry Nadler...


Bill Barr and House Democrats engaged in an all-out battle Tuesday as the Attorney General appeared in front of the Judiciary Committee for five hours - clashing bitterly and repeatedly over his response to Black Lives Matter protests and his handling of the Roger Stone case and others which touch President Donald Trump.

By the end of the hearing there was open warfare between Barr and the Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler as Barr snapped 'you're a real class act,' when Nadler refused to allow him a five-minute break just before the last two questioners. Nadler had arrived more than hour later after being caught in a minor car accident.

The ill-tempered hearing, marked by Democrats tearing into Barr and charging him with treating minority Americans and allies of the president differently, while Republicans highlighted violent protests and mocked their political rivals, produced little in way of new insight but huge amounts of vitriol.  

Nadler opened by accusing Barr of having federal officers use 'pepper spray and truncheons' against protesters to create footage to aid Trump with his 'law and order'-themed re-election campaign.