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The Sad Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Prior to the enactment of these two socialist programs, healthcare costs were low and stable. Most people didn't have major medical insurance because they didn't need it. Going to the doctor was like going to the grocery store. Who has grocery-store insurance to protect themselves from soaring grocery prices that might bankrupt them?

Today, people need healthcare insurance to protect themselves from ever-soaring healthcare costs. Those who don't have healthcare insurance face the prospect of financial bankruptcy.

It's not a coincidence that healthcare costs began soaring with the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid. It was cause and effect. The enactment of these two socialist programs placed such an  enormous demand on America's healthcare system that soaring healthcare costs were certain to result.

Thus, it was Medicare and Medicaid that gave America it's ongoing, never-ending healthcare crisis. This is what many of proponents of these two programs simply cannot bring themselves to confront.

Sadly, most Americans today, including even some libertarians, cannot imagine life without these two socialist programs. They treat them as though they have now become a permanent part of American life.