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Shock survey results show 90+% against gov's COVID/vax hoax

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(Article by Steve Cook republished from

This reporter filled in an online survey set up to discover public opinion about the COVID scam and the current vaccines caper.

As I clicked the appropriate box under each question, it gave me the current percentages of how the vote is going.  I've summarised them below.

They shocked even me.

Along with other observers, I'd guesstimated that roughly 30% were WITH the Gov on the Vax issue and 70% were AGAINST, such is the state of play as the Great Scam comes apart at the seams.

The Health Sec's recent address to the House – complete with the nauseating shedding of crocodile tears  – in which he fulsomely over-praised the rushed, and improperly tested, negligently overseen vax that spearheads the playing of Russian Roulette with the nation's health, is widely seen as a desperate exercise to reverse the turning tide of simmering unrest.

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