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#UNRIG: Liquidate Congressional Wealth Under RICO Law and Give It Back to the People


iquidate the personal assets of every living current and former member of Congress and give the profits to the people. Target their family members' ill-gotten gains as well.

That means their houses in the Hamptons, their cars, their market investments, their offshore accounts – even Nancy Pelosi's luxury $24,000 ice cream freezer.

Americans deserve this catharsis.

Let the political class, for the sake of justice, feel the desperation and shame of having to rely on $600 handouts from the government to survive after their economic livelihoods are cut off.

God willing, come this time next year, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will be living in tenement slums of New York, begging for change in a cup and playing the harmonica to entertain passersby in hopes of a donation. Slay Queen Nancy Pelosi will be walking the slums of San Francisco to make ends meet.

This proposition makes all the sense in the world; the economy is in shambles due to the incompetence and indifference of the ruling class; the majority of members of Congress are millionaires; nearly everyone by this point understands that they are party to the largest organized crime syndicate operating in the United States.