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The Familiar Patterns of Slow-Burning Societal Control

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

Recently, after watching the news, I detected some patterns in the slow-burning societal control happening around the world. The global food and fuel scarcities are oddly familiar. I have also begun to monitor what has been happening in the UK. Maybe the causes are different. However, the result, a disruptive effect on the food chain supply, is the same.

Disclaimer: this is my humble vision of the worst-case scenario. It may not necessarily go that way, and we can't allow ourselves to lose hope for a much brighter future. After all, as preppers, we saw it coming, and we prepared for it.

First, a preamble…

Some of us have made our living by detecting patterns. It's hard not to do it when you already see them everywhere. Metallurgists have a special kind of training in materials science. For example, we learn that a minimal change in an alloy or composite material completely changes the properties it exhibits. Add a few parts per million of alloy compounds (known as "doping" elements) and the mechanical resistance of the material will be much higher. 

Thus, we have to associate these small changes in the microstructure with the large-scale properties that make the alloys suited for their intended purpose. Corrosion resistance, mechanical resistance, wear resistance, and so on. We train a lot for this: it's an entire process that goes through the microscopic identification, chemistry, posterior heat treatments, etc. We have a very developed ability to understand how some things in the "micro-world" work and associate it to the "macro-world."